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 Now I am like anyone who loves to post on instagram of what I’m eating… if it looks photogenic, to rave about my favourite products of the moment….and artsy ( well what I think is artsy, landscape photos or just a random photo of the view from my verandah and bedroom window. And I will continue to do so.
However a few years ago I received an Instax Fujifilm Polaroid camera, it was amazing, to have physical little photos. I took a lot of photos that christmas and continued to until I came across this amazing little polaroid printer from the same company. I think I first saw it on a year or more after getting the camera.
I remember thinking, holy shit thats amazing yet stupidly expensive. Why would anyone  pay that amount of money on a little printer!?
Now that I own said printer,
I can see why.


You can get the Instax Printer Sp2 online here:
harvey norman and target have
TARGET– Fujifilm instax share bundle with the original model $199
HARVEY NORMAN– the Sp2 version in Gold  ( same as me , shown above ) $299

Film in bulk – EBAY-

Gone are the days ( which mind you there were only a handful ) where I had to find a handbag if I wanted to be taking photos.With these type of polaroid cameras they  come out with a slight filter, that still to this day I have no idea how it does this but it makes everything look better!
I finally decided, that this year, this is what I wanted for my birthday. Of course, like most gift ideas I present to my parents if it’s something I redeem as being too expensive, I will suggest paying half or paying a little towards it, because I feel guilty when I’m suggesting something expensive and just expect them to pay for all of it.
Anyways, I had asked my mum if she could get it ordered in for me at our local camera/camera-techy store. She could and decided when it came in, she would put it on layby and would pay some off and leave an amount left for me to pay and pick it up.
I can’t exactly remember if I had decided to them that I wanted this printer, before or after my trip to Europe and the UK. But nonetheless it happened and I now have it and love it, and have printed off countless photos from that trip.
I decided an amazing idea would be to buy the film in bulk on ebay, which I will be doing again as I highly underestimated how many little polaroid photos I would be printing off.
Yes I knew that I would be printing off my favourite photos from my overseas trip but I strangely forgot how many photos I actually took on that trip. Haha. Blog post about the UK and Europe coming soon by the way!
The app that you download for the photos to be able to be printed is also amazing, you can edit and add filters on the photo and also add stickers and text as a caption as well. The edit features are ridiculous trust me.
So for anyone thinking about buying this amazing gadget I would highly recommend it.





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  1. Right? Haha! We have the same issues, also making part of the people who post everything on instagram. And also love your instax! I have an very old (antique) Polaroid, that prints the pictures immediately as well. And it’s really expensive to buy the roll of films, I can take only 10 pictures and then i have to buy another one again. but the pictures are really high quality!


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