Favourite Perfumes of All Time.

I remember the first perfume I became obsessed with when I was about 14.I think I was with my nan in a chemist, looking around the perfume section getting dizzy just sniffing all of the perfumes and leaving with so many little pieces of cardboard, with all different smells on them. I remember finding one and so being obsessed with it but not knowing what the hell it was! Because I had sprayed so many on those little pieces of card, so I went back either with my nan again or with my mum and ended up finding it, and telling everyone that I was in love with the Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs.
So it must have been christmas 2009 or 2010f and my nan had heard that I loved this perfume, and had bought me the gift set of either the 50ml or 100ml bottle and the matching body lotion and shower gel.

Marc Jacbos – Daisy 100ml EDT $120

From then on I wore this perfume for about a year or two and repurchased it a number of times, until I came across the Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.Now I don’t remember how I came across this but again like pretty much all of these I was instantly hooked and had to wear it all the time. This also with the alternate perfume by her, Enchanted Wonderstruck which from memory I think it had a little more spice to it whereas the original Wonderstruck was more sweet and had a lot more vanilla notes in it. Still I wore both for a while and again repurchased it a number of times.

I had been smelling this particular perfume for years and years since I was young, but I didn’t actually know what it looked like or what it was called until a couple of years ago, this one is called Armani Code for her and it’s by Giorgio Armani. I’m not sure how long she had actually been wearing it for but this scent is just amazing, my nan wore it everyday and it was her signature scent. After she passed away just over 2 years ago I would just go into her bedroom and she still had the bottle that she used everyday sitting on her vanity. I would smell it and instantly smile and just envision her standing infront of me. It’s just such an amazing scent and just brings back so many good memories of her.

Armani Code EDP 50ml $125

The next perfume is attached to an amazing holiday/shopping trip/birthday present to Melbourne ,it was amazingly gifted from my mum on my 21st birthday last year and it was an amazing birthday present from her, as I had wanted to go shopping and explore since she and her best friend had gone there years before and had bragged and gushed about how amazing it was. And it truly was, all of the different people and surroundings, food and shopping opportunities. But enough gushing about that, I went into some department store on Bourke street I can’t remember what it was called but they had a little mecca stall and I was just browsing around and came across this beautiful packaged bottle of perfume, I think I had been staring at it for a while because the lady came over to me with a smirk on her face and asked if I wanted to test it out. Of course I said “yes please!” I bought it within 0.1 second of smelling it , I’m being overdramatic but  I bought it straight away after smelling it and I think I wore this until it run out. You know when you love a perfume so much that you even though you know that there is nothing in the bottle but you still try your hardest to get even one tiny squirt out of it. I believe it’s still sitting on my ladder shelf in my bathroom reminding me to buy another one.

Korres- EDT 50ml $56

I had seen this perfume around a lot in a matter of a year or so.. Smelling it on people and seeing it all over the internet, I knew the brand well because of my obsession with their many gorgeous handbags, in which i will own one someday I’ve already promised myself that.
So because one week I was a little low on the funds side I decided to purchase some mini perfumes on priceline which for some reason they don’t sell anymore. This set came with 4  5ml chloe perfumes. Chloe Eau De Parfum 5ml, L’eau de Chloe Eau De Toilette 5ml, Love Chloe Eau Florale Eau De Toilette 5ml, See By Chloe Eau De Parfum 7.5ml.
I finished all of the scents but left the main one for last , it’s such a different scent to what I’ve worn before. I’m thinking about buying it for myself for christmas (:

Chloe – Chloe EDP 50ml $130

You can get all perfumes at priceline.com.au except for korres, mon paris and chloe.
you can get chloe and mon paris from myer.com.au and korres from mecca.com.au

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