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I love makeup as much as the next girl, I love looking at all the different products that my favourite brands bring out every couple of months. Stalking their instagram accounts and twitter, but there’s one main website that I love going to, to check out the latest makeup and skincare. Thats, they have an amazing assortment of makeup, skincare, makeup tools and so much more.
I decided to show you some of products I have purchased from mecca and love and also some products that are on my wishlist that I will buy soon!I haven’t included a photo of it on here but I thought that I would mention the first product I bought on mecca and how I came to find the website. I first saw the website I think from an ad that had popped up on my facebook feed. You know those creepy ads that pop up that are of things you have searched, or are related to things that you have just looked up. Well I used to think that they were annoying and creepy, I now don’t think that as it’s what led me to purchase the naked 3 palette by urban decay. I was looking at another site i can’t remember now what site it was, but I was looking at makeup geek eye shadows and Zoeeva brushes. Anyway I was on facebook scrolling away and a pop up came up with a photo of this eyeshadow palette that looked amazing, it said that mecca was going to be releasing these plus the other 2 palettes on their site in a number of days. So I decided that I would keep an eye out so I could purchase it! And I did!
Mecca is pretty much the only online store in Australia that sells Urban Decay, so when I saw the palettes being introduced I had to have it ! And it’s still one if not my favourite eyeshadow palette.

So the Nars satin lip pencil I bought in a tiny mecca store on Little Collins Street in Melbourne, the woman in there was so helpful as I knew I wanted this specific lip pencil because I had been eyeing it on the website for soo long and just couldn’t decide on a colour and she swatched it and said yep that your colour. So I bought it and I am so in love with it! The Urban Decay eye primer I got as a complementary sample on an online order because I spent a certain amount, and as soon as I used it I fell in love! I stupidly didn’t actually buy it in the tiny version or in the normal version after I fell in love with it. I actually bought different one from a Kmart brand and had been using that until i went to Europe and was in Sephora in Paris (stay tuned for a numerous blog posts about my UK and European Holiday this past July) and found it and thought well why not! And I really forgot how amazing it is, it just locks in your eyeshadow and it does not budge! So I highly highly recommend this.

The Smashbox BB cream is also another Paris Sephora purchase , I was seriously in this Sephora on the Champs-Élysées for probably an hour just looking at everything because sadly I don’t have access to anything on that scale of makeup amazingness in the home town. I have to travel to Adelaide to witness all of that beauty in the flesh. But I had been wanting something like this from Smashbox, and the woman in there was so helpful and swatched the two fair colour on my hand. It’s so lightweight and has such a buildable coverage. I really like it , and highly recommend it.
However this Lancome mascara is one of the things on my wishlist on mecca, I just think the packaging is gorgeous. And I have read and watched reviews on this and it sounds amazing so that is one that I do think I will be purchasing very soon.

I actually can’t remember if I bought this Mario Badescu day cream online or instore but nonetheless its amazing! I have only purchased it once as I am trying out a different one for a couple of weeks but I will be repurchasing this once this other one runs out. It made my skin less red and I am prone to red patches and a tad of discolouration but also made my skin soo smooth!
The Origins Ginzing eye cream I have heard from friends and other bloggers and youtubers that it not only works so well but smells divine so that will be something that will eventually be coming off my wishlist and into my cart as I am in need of a good eye cream.

So I don’t know if you have heard about this brand or not but if you haven’t then where have you been for the last couple of years. The packaging of everything that they produce is just stunningly beautiful as well as the actual product inside. I mean look at these two!
These two are unfortunately in my wishlist but will soon creep into my cart hopefully as a christmas present for myself….
I just think that this blush is gorgeous, and the eyeshadow palette is immaculate. I have only heard great things about this brand and these two products so except an instagram photo of these when I eventually purchase these. I will be gushing over them dont’ worry.

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